Areas of expertise

There are many different aspects to Resource Management, which involves many areas of expertise. Impact is the factor shared by the subareas; impact always strikes deep into the heart of your organisation.

Talent Management

Talent is a major asset to your organisation, with the right guidance and management producing optimum utilisation. Preparing and developing talent makes for more efficient deployment in the future. This will be reflected in your results.

Smart sourcing

How do you deploy products and services and at the same time make the most efficient use of your capacity? What do you do in-house and what activities or processes do you outsource? Smart and balanced use of sourcing saves you money and makes you flexible.

Outsourcing and co-sourcing

Transferring a complete process to a third party, implementation as well as management, is called Outsourcing. Where the third party limits itself to the implementation of the process, we call it Co-sourcing. In other words: joint provision of a staffing process.

Purchase and sale of labour

Purchase and sale of labour is all about the various options for obtaining/providing temporary capacity.

Optimising financial processes

Structuring your financial processes in such a way that they result in the best possible management and control of your capital. Smarter, more efficient and more transparent.

Working Capital Management – working capital solutions

Your company’s monies available also need managing. Are you making the best possible use of your capital? At the end of the day it is the return on capital that counts and that is partly dependent on how each euro is employed.

Performance Management

Performance Management revolves around performance: the measurement of output versus input. This enables you to ensure that remuneration is based on work actually performed. A fair price/performance ratio.

Contract Management

Managing your contracts. Creating transparency in your staff and vendor contracts in the interests of price, quality, performance and flexibility.

Process redesign

Are your processes delivering maximum returns? Redesigning a process with the aim of functioning more efficiently and operating more effectively.

Vendor Management

The essence of Vendor Management lies in managing the relationship between purchaser and vendor. Here it is not about the contract, but about overall aspects of the mutual relationship.


Your internal client also generates demand for products and services. This demand is met by procurement, a purchasing department that procures externally. By offering more efficient purchasing processes procurement provides huge opportunities for cost savings.

Supply Chain Management

Your full value chain stretches beyond your company. How should this be managed? Process improvements and forward-looking collaboration with your vendors and clients will ensure better functioning of your company within the integrated chain.

Management Development

Talent Management is relevant right across your organisation, with Management Development being a crucial element. Effective development of management talent is your first step towards success.

Strategic Sourcing

Deployment of your internal and external resources, taking into account the various processes right across your organisation, calls for a focused strategy. Managing this deployment at a strategic level will benefit overall efficiency and effectiveness within your company.